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About Agents for Change

Your communities face big, messy challenges for which there aren’t ready-made solutions. Agents for Change is a one-year leadership development program for a cohort of early career Extension agents. In your cohort, you will learn how to use the process of adaptive leadership to address these adaptive challenges and how to identify, leverage, and increase your informal and formal power to bring about change.

Speaking of adaptive challenges, the pandemic necessitates starting the 2021 cohort online. Each month will have a synchronous Zoom session and activities for you to apply at work. One-on-one and small group sessions will be available as you work through the activities.

Each Agent for Change will be able to apply this work to existing challenges in their community or program. Our goal is for each of you to complete the year having worked intentionally to begin to build a solution to one of your adaptive challenges. This should support your work, not add to it.

Applications for the first cohort will be available on October 1, 2020, and accepted until November 2. Zoom sessions will be the first Wednesday of each month starting in January 2021.